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Ultimate Pro Bowl

First let me give you a little bit of a background on the concept behind the Ultimate Pro Bowl. I had an idea way back when the original Tecmo Super Bowl was out for NES. That idea was to play every team in the game and record the player stats at the end of the season. Then, using the recorded stats, rank the players in every postion in every category. After the players were ranked, I would take the number of their rank in each category and add them up. I took that total and divided it by the total number of catergories.

For example: Let's take Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers. Let's assume he caught 56 passes, averaging 35.7 yds a catch, for 23 touchdowns. Let's then say his NFC rank in these categories would be 2nd for catches, 3rd for yds/catch, and 1st in TD's. 2 + 3 + 1 = 6. Divide 6 by the number of categories (3) giving the final result of 2. This is the number that would be compared to all of the other recievers in the NFC, and the reciever with the lowest number gets the first starting reciever spot in the Pro Bowl, the next one gets the second starting spot, and so on until all for spots are filled.

In the event of a tie, the player with the most number one rankings is chosen. If neither player has a number one ranking the tiebreaker is moved down to number two, etc. until the requirement is met. Once this is completed with all players in all positions then My Ultimate Pro Bowl match-up is ready to go. I am currently doing this with Tecmo Super Bowl for SNES and I have completed my task. I must admit that I am not going to play all teams, because I hate Dallas, Washington, and the Raiders.

Running BacksAFCNFC
Wide ReceiversAFCNFC
Tight EndsAFCNFC
Defensive LinemenAFCNFC
Defensive BacksAFCNFC
Place KickersAFCNFC