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Game Summaries

Here you can find all of our MAN vs MAN games summarized. For your reading pleasure, we attempt to use humor whenever possible. Be forewarned that these summaries have literary contributions from each league member...often after that the author has just finished cursing at the computer for the last 30 minutes. We hope you enjoy them.


I think we finished this season in 36 hours. What a rush! Bruce's debut in the original Super Tecmo Bowl for the NES and he didn't make much of a showing. John won both regular season meetings and the playoff meeting. Strangely, John lost the Super Bowl to the computer but who can blame him, it was against the old Joe Montana lead 49ers.

Team Assignments

Oakland Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs

Season Results

  Record Winning Pct. vs Bruce vs John
Bruce 0 - 0 0.000   0 - 0
John 0 - 0 0.000 0 - 0