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What is Tecmo?

Due to the increasing demand by non-Tecmo players that don't completely understand what this site is all about, we here at the VTTFL will attempt to familiarize the general public with the world of Tecmo that we live in.

Tecmo LTD is a small company that originated in Japan in the late 1980's. They manufacture several video games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, Sony Playstation, and just about every other video game system. Although they produce several types of video games, they are most widely known for their sports games including Tecmo Baseball, Tecmo Basketball, and Tecmo Football. Of their sports games, Tecmo Football is the most popular.

In 1988, Tecmo released it's first football game entitled Tecmo Bowl for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the first football game of it's kind that had NFL teams and Players. In 1991, they released the follow up to Tecmo Bowl and named it Tecmo Super Bowl. This game was way ahead of it's time. It let you play an entire official NFL season with any team(s). It represented every NFL team and player and it recorded statistics. At that time, other sports games did not keep statistics. It was the best emulation of the actual NFL season to that date.

Sure enough, Tecmo caught on and became somewhat of a craze in the video gaming world. Everybody knew somebody with a Tecmo Cartridge. In 1993, Tecmo released another version of Tecmo Super Bowl with a few enhanced capabilities. It was nearly identical to the original Tecmo Super Bowl. This version was only made for SNES and Sega and greatly resembled the Tecmo Super Bowl of 1991.

In 1994, Tecmo released Tecmo Super Bowl II : Special Edition and released very few copies to the general public. This game made great advances in the graphics compared to the previous versions. It was more realistic and more detailed. It kept better statistics and added new moves. It was a breath of fresh air to the Tecmo community. This game is often referred to as the "Tecmo Holy Grail" due to is scarcity. If you are lucky enough to find a copy of this game, treasure it because chances are, you won't find another one.

In 1995, Tecmo released Tecmo Super Bowl III : Final Edition. It is scarce, although not as scarce as Tecmo Super Bowl II : Special Edition This game was a blessing to all of Tecmo's close followers and is currently the most commonly played Tecmo Football game out there. People all around the world play this game with thier friends and form leagues and clubs. We here at Virginia Tech have formed the Virginia Tech Tecmo Football League. The rest of this site is dedicated to our collective obsession with Tecmo Football.