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Classifications of Dysfunctional Thinking

Dysfunctional Thinking (as defined by www.dictionary.com)

dys·func·tion (ds-fngkshn).
n. Abnormal or impaired functioning, especially of a bodily system or organ. dys·function·al adj.

think (thngk) v. thought (thôt), think·ing, thinks.
v. tr. To have or formulate in the mind.

All or nothing thinking
Things are seen as black or white. If total perfection is not achieved then a perception of complete failure results.
   Kevin: "Damn it!! The computer got positive yards!!"
Over Generalization
A specific failure or negative result is generalized as an endless pattern.
   Bruce: "You always get those freaking third down conversions." Ethan: "The computer always screws me up, this is bullshit!!"
Mental Filter
A single negative detail is dwelled upon, thus distorting all other aspects of one's perception of reality.
   Bruce: "So what if Majkowski completed a pass, he still sucks. He's the worst damn quarterback I've ever seen. I hate the Colts!!"
Mind Reading
Drawing negative conclusions regarding situations despite a lack of concrete evidence to support these conclusions.
   Kevin: "Fumble, I'm losing."
Fortune Telling
Arbitrarily predicting that things will turn out badly.
   Bruce: "I'm gonna get thrashed by the Bills."
Magnifying and Minimizing
Exaggerating the importance of negative factors and minimizing the importance of positive factors related to one's situation.
   Bruce: "I don't care how many yards I gained, those fumbles were the only reason I didn't win."
Should Statements
Statements in one's self-talk such as "should" and "shouldn't" and "ought" and "must" are used to coerce or manipulate oneself into taking actions.
   Bruce: "I should just hide my food from the Viper so she'll stop eating it while I'm out playing Tecmo."
Emotional Reasoning
Interpreting reality based on the negative emotions one experiences.
   Ethan: "Oh look, Barry fumbled again! I swear, this is such bullshit. Tecmo is bullshit. Classes are bullshit. My professors are bullshit. My roommate is full of bullshit. I mean, it's all bullshit!.....[sigh]..... I gotta go pee..."
Labeling and Mislabeling
Describing oneself, others, or an event with negative labels.
   Bruce: "Kevin, you're a damn cheater! You can't put Don Beebe in the running back's slot!! You suck!! I'm playing under protest!!"
Identifying oneself (blaming oneself) as the cause of negative events or outcomes that one is not primarily responsible for causing.
   John: "Gosh you guys...I should have known this cartridge was going to fail us...I never should have rented / stole it from Moovies.