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Written By Dan

I was first introduced to the game of Tecmo by my roommate, Kevin. This was when he and Bruce were playing their first season. I soon grew accustomed to the now familiar Tecmo sounds like Bruce's "That's such CRAP, I can't believe he just did that, Kevin you suck!!!!!!!!" and Kevin's "AHHHH, fumble, pick it up pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.... YESSSS (or NOOOO, depending on the situation) go Eagles!!!!!!!!!!" I became interested in Tecmo and decided to play a game with my favorite team, the Washington Redskins (I'm from the area, so sue me.) My first experience was quite enjoyable, even though I still hate Mark Rypien's guts. Next thing I know I'm playing a season with Washington, I'm in first place, kicking the computer's butt (except once or twice), and making the playoffs. Unfortunately I still had to learn the ways of Tecmo, losing to both Kevin and Bruce (although not by much).

Now there is a new season, a new team, with that magical, magical man known to all as WOODSON!!!!!, and much knowledge about the game. I recently got my first win against a fellow tecmoer, Bruce (he was quite preturbed). My main man Woodson played quite a game, with interceptions and many a return, in the Steelers win over the Colts. Oh, what a day!!! Unfortunately, my Civil Engineering major doesn't allow for a whole lot of playing time, so I am controlling only one team per season. I am enjoying myself immensely and hope to play many newcomers in the future. As for Pittsburgh I have just three words: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia...UPSET!!!!!

The Players



Moi. A newcomer to the art, but with balls (and foolishness) to go for it on fourth and ten on my thirty yard line. Doesn't always work. I don't pay as much attention to stats as does Kevin the King of Stats. I don't spaz as much as does Bruce, unless my whole offense gets injured and ends up losing to Pittsburgh. I like the game, but am not possessed. Although I have been known to slightly decieve a special someone to finish a game.


The King of Stats, there isn't one he doesn't keep, except maybe how many times he gets yelled at by Bruce because of his dinks. He is extremely good at Tecmo, and I have only been able to get close to tying him. One day though...


Sometimes as good as Kevin, sometimes better, sometimes very unlucky. He believes he has offended the Tecmo gods and that is the reason for many of his misfortunes. I think it's just because he roots for Dallas.


I don't really know him. I have never met him and never played against him, but I think it would be a great challenge. I look forward to playing him someday, maybe in this season's playoffs, hopefully without Barry Sanders.