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To Tecmo Or Not To Tecmo, That Is The Question

Written By Ethan

Long, long ago in a galaxy far far away (namely 9th grade) I was first introduced to the legendary game of Tecmo. That is, the original Nintendo version of the game. I loved the game, I was addicted instantly. In one of the worst days of my life, the owner of the Tecmo game moved away. My life was ruined until several years later when another friend had the Sega version of the game. Again I was helpless against the call of the game. But, alas he moved away too, and again my life was in shambles. After my very traumatic childhood, I decided to go to Virginia Tech where in my sophomore year I was re-introduced the game that I love. Bruce and Kevin were both in my Accounting class and the rest is history.

I entered a Tecmo 2 season in week 8. I was excited to be entering the league and I hoped I could make a name for myself. I had a rough start with the new season though. On my very first drive with Detroit, Barry Sanders got freakin' injured!!! In the words of Bruce "I was furious." But that is not all, later in that same game I lost Bennie Blades and Brett Perriman. I was dead, I had no offense without Barry. But just wait, I put in the backup running back Derrick Moore!! And he ran for 100 yards that game! But, alas, the tecmo gods were against me for things got even worse during the next game. In the next game I lost Pat Swilling and my backup running back Derrick Moore!! At this point I knew my season was over, No Barry = No Offense, No Swilling, No Blades = No Defense. What was a poor guy to do? Luckily for me the next few weeks were only computer games so my honor was not on the line. Eventually I got my players back and the season turned out much better then expected.

The Players



Bruce is an excellent Tecmo player. He has the experience to make him truly great. He has spent time discovering the secret plays that can completely change the face of the game. I have learned much from watching him at work. I believe that the games between us will be full of excitement. Bruce may be a great Tecmo player, but at times he conveniently forgets key factors. For instance, one preseason game I decided to be Pittsburgh. He conveniently forgets to tell me that Barry Foster, Neil O'Donnel, and Rod Woodson are either hurt or in bad condition. He then goes on to beat me. I do not consider this a true game and therefore I refuse to accept that it truly happened.


Kevin is the most experienced player in the league. He uses that experience to be one of the best players in the game. I believe that their will be a good rivalry for semesters to come between the two of us. Kevin is a complete stats freak! That is all good and dandy but if you have more yards rushing then me, but I win the game, I still win!


As of now I don't know very much about Dan. I met him once at Kroger, and I don't play against him this season. As a fellow rookie, I wish him the best of luck in this season. You never know, maybe we could have a Detroit vs Pittsburgh Super Bowl!


I would like to believe that I have a lot of potential in this league for the upcoming seasons. Bruce and Kevin have much more experience than I. I believe experience is my main weakness. I have noticed a definite improvement in my game over the last few months, I hope this will continue to grow as my experience grows.