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Written By John

Hello and welcome.

I purchased TECMO Super Bowl, for my NES, in the winter of 1992. It was a rainy Monday night and the Redskins were playing on television. I knew it was out there. I was a little tired of playing "Baseball Simulator 1.000". And it was time. The drive to Toys 'R' Us was about 15 minutes both ways, and I think I also picked up some football cards to feed my growing excitement.

I've played a ton since, but mostly against the computer. Against human opponents, and especially in TECMO II, I've got to improve my passing game. There's less time to hit the open receiver. But I think defensive skills gained playing against the computer can be applied to games against other people.

I love analyzing the player ratings that are programmed into the game. For example, Bo Jackson of the "L.A." Raiders has a maximum speed of 75 for the 1991 season. A couple of other backs have 69, but he stands alone. Similarly, Jerry Rice has the single highest receptions rating. I enjoy developing formulas for players to try and give them an overall rating. Defensive players need speed, which is crucial, but they also need some hitting power, and pass quickness and interception rating can help as well. I enjoy controlling a certain defensive player in accordance with the strategy I'm using.

I have since purchased a Sega Genesis, and am tempted to buy an updated TECMO game. I enjoy many other sports video games as well, but I love the TECMO family that has adopted me here in 1996. I look forward to being at least a worthy opponent for these skilled and experienced players.