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An Ode To Tecmo

Written By Bruce

My obsession with Tecmo began in high school. My next door neighbor and I used to play Tecmo Super Bowl for the original NES. Both of us being Dallas fans, we never played a season against each other. Instead, we each played against the computer and bet who could score the most points in a game or who could rush for the most yards in a season etc. That was fun while it lasted but soon I went off to college and he didn't. It was my third year at Virginia Tech when I had a born again experience involving Tecmo.

Tecmo was re-introduced to me by a buddy of mine who worked with me at the Dairy Queen in Blacksburg Va. and was also in some of my classes at Va. Tech. Kevin is his name and after our first Dallas vs Philly game, we were both addicted (again) and began a season.

Tecmo took over my life. No longer could I concentrate in class because I was thinking about Tecmo. It became the topic of every conversation. Any fellow tecmoer knows the feeling of the addiction (see glossary of terms). Anyway, that's how it all began.




The Players:



Myself, statistically the second best Tecmoer. Although Kevin wins 60% of the time, we are fairly even players skill wise, he just plays a little smarter than I do. I tend to take more risks and experiment more. The reason he wins more is because he wins more of the close games. My greatest flaw is that I tend to be in first place in my division(s) most of the year but I usually go screw it up and choke in the end. I'll have to work on that...


Kevin is statistically the best Tecmoer in the league. He keeps track of all of his stats, tries as hard as he can to break old records, and generally loves the game a tiny bit more than the rest of us. He is obsessed with being tops in QB rating and interceptions. He takes less risks and is so rewarded with more wins. He's a little superstitious and can be discouraged when his opponent scores early in the game, as he's proud of his D.


Dan is no longer a rookie. Dan still shows improvement on a daily basis, but unfortunately still relies on the bomb a little too much. He is a promising student in the Art of Tecmoing. Dan is a quiet man, rather reserved if you ask me. I think Dan knows exactly what is going on, but just plays the fool is some respects. He doesn't talk trash, and pretends not to care if he wins or loses. Perhaps he uses that to his advantage when his opponents tend to underestimate him. Dan played a good season with the "Mighty Mighty Redskins" and seemed to take to the game well. His latest obsession is Rod Woodson, but who can blame him. As Grogan once put it, "Woodson is God, God Woodson is he..." Dan has yet to play a vs. game with Ethan or John. We are all eager to watch his Tecmo skills further develop.


Ethan is the fourth addition to our league. We let him in during week 8 of our Tecmo II season due to the fact that he has now acquired his own SNES. Ethan is a definite threat to all three of the other players but his talent seems to come in waves. He is probably the streakiest player in the league. One day he can really trounce me but the next game he can't??? Ethan does, however, have a slight attitude problem after he loses. Hopefully he will take care of that before anything too bad happens.


Alas, our newest addition to the league. I guess you can say he takes after Kevin in many respects. He is a 'numbers' guy. He keeps MORE stats than Kevin does. He analyzes the game, experiments with new things frequently, and generally takes an enormous interest in the game. He loves it so much that often times he will stay up late at night and record player stats, and make weighted averages of their stats and email the rest of the league with a list of statistics and a brief analysis of what it means. John does bring a unique characteristic into the league though. He seems to learn very quickly. It didn't take him long to realize what works and what doesn't, unlike other league members. In my opinion, he will soon be my equal, and that scares me. He might even be considered Kevin's protégé in many respects. I think that's great for the league.