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She must be on crack!

Written By Kevin

As the summer of '96 began for me I was fresh off a surprising dual defeat in the Tecmo 3 playoffs, but yet I still was happy that our league had all three Tecmos. I was also eagerly anticipating what is becoming the "Mac-Daddy" season where we will have five multi-team players in a season. My friend Bruce in fact owned Tecmo three, so my summer was without it, but not to fear, I had the first 2 Tecmos to tide me over until the commencement of the Mac-Daddy. Soon after summer began my girlfriend went to the beach with her family so all I had to do was work, sit around, and Tecmo. I finished up a couple seasons and began recording stats for various things. Even though I was Tecmoing like no other I felt a void, an odd emptiness if you will.... not knowing what it was I continued about my business. Instead of Tecmo, I began to party at night ... I saw a wet T-shirt contest and generally was straying away from my beloved games ... the lust that was there was fading ... Hope was still there. Finally, My girlfriend returned from the beach and I spoke with her on the phone...

Kevin: Hey Jackie, how was your trip??

Jackie: It was fine, but I missed you...

Kevin: Oh, I missed you too..

Jackie: Good...ya know what?? I got you some stuff at the beach.

Kevin: Oh Yeah?? What did you get? Jackie: I got something as a gift, but I got something else that you have to pay me back for...something you'll like.

Kevin: (perplexed) What do you mean??

Jackie: You'll see when you come visit tomorrow...

Kevin: NO, I want to know NOW!!!

Jackie: Too bad, you'll see it when you come down.

Kevin: Well...I'm not gonna come down until you tell me what you got...

Jackie: Okay, I'll just take it back...

Kevin: No, No, wait...come on!!!...What did you get me, a new girlfriend?? (joking)

Jackie: No, but I might as well have...

BAM!!! When she said that I knew exactly what it was .. It was the cure for what was ailing me... Tecmo 3!! I pretended not to know, but deep down I knew exactly what it was and I was SHOCKED that she got that for me...as was Bruce when I told him. "Is your girlfriend on crack or something?", said Bruce. No, she's just the best.