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Simon Says "Interception!"

Written By Bruce

Well, the tension had been building and crunch time had come. I deftly evaded the enemy while she was talking to her mother long distance and escaped into the Blacksburg Night and drove to Kevin's for the game I had been waiting for for quite some time. We had played four seasons at this point and I still hadn't defeated Kevin in the playoffs. Well, this season was different. I was Denver and Simon Fletcher was mad! I lead my Broncos to the Super Bowl from the third division winner slot in the playoffs by defeating Kansas City (computer), Houston (computer) and the New York Jets (Kevin). Kevin won the NFC with San Francisco (surprise). It was the game of games. Bruce, the eager young playoff rookie, vs Kevin, the seasoned playoff veteran. I had never felt so confident in a post season matchup since my Cowboys got shafted by the Eagles in the NFC Championship two seasons prior to this one.

As the game began, both offenses were sputtery, neither team being able to punch through the other's defense. Soon though, Denver scored a field goal, and then another. By half time it was 6-0 Denver. Simon Fletcher was 'excellent' and the 49ers running attack was kept to a minimum. Kevin was forced to rely more on the Steve Young passing attack. Too bad Young was a mere 'average' that day. Kevin was beginning to show signs of frustration when Fletcher was through the offensive line before his receivers could complete their pass patterns. Soon, Kevin switched some of his now useless plays hoping to confuse Mr. Fletcher. That worked in his favor, temporarily, and San Fran went up 7-6 late in the third quarter. Now I was getting worried. After controlling the whole game, Kevin puts together a successful drive and takes the lead. Well fans, this is when Simon Fletcher took matters into his own hands. San Fran pounded their way back to Tecmo Range and was threatening to go up 10-6. Kevin opts for the field goal instead of the 4th down gamble. Milliseconds after the center snapped the ball, Simon Fletcher was in Cofer's face and with a heroic leap, blocked the Mike Cofer field goal. Kevin began to show signs of sheer fury as he felt helpless with Simon Fletcher in the game. After the blocked field goal, John Elway came alive and completed a 30 yard pass to Cedric Tillman. Then Rod Bernstine converted two straight 3rd and long downs and put Denver in Tecmo range. Denver continued to pound and pound. Finally, Rod Bernstine carries the ball into the end zone. Score 13-7 Broncos. Kevin, feeling confident with his 49ers, exclaims "There's plenty of time left, all I need is a touchdown to win it." He began his final drive after the ensuing kickoff. A couple of quick completions and San Fran was on the 50. Then, the final play of the game, and it's the bomb to Rice. I brought Fletcher back on coverage to cover Rice. It was my guy against his. Mano a Mano. Fletcher and Rice. Only one would prevail. Young releases the ball, it's coming to Rice, and guess what happens next?? Simon Fletcher leaps into the air and intercepts the pass!!!!! Time expires on the run back and I have my first ever Super Bowl! An excellent game and hats off to Kevin's 49ers. Final Score 13-7 Broncos. Tecmo Super Champions.