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B-B-B-Boomer & The Jets

Written By Bruce

It was a chilly February morning in Blacksburg when I decided to skip my 9:30 Geology Class in favor of a rendezvous with Tecmo. I hopped on the bus and rode to Tecmo Stadium where Kevin was eagerly awaiting. I popped TSB1 into the trusty SNES and adjusted the volume to Tecmo Level. Kevin and I, each equipped with a controller, prepared for the battle for AFC East Championship honors. As Kevin scouted his Jets, I began mental preparations for the ensuing war. Then he was finished and it was my turn to scout my team, the Indianapolis Colts. While scouting, I happened upon Defensive Lineman Steve Emtman, and he was 'Excellent'. I knew it would be a good day in Tecmo Stadium.

At long last, the kickoff. Kevin returned it and drove his team right down to Tecmo range. Unfortunately for him, Kevin had to settle for three. Then it was my turn, and I drove my team down field for a touchdown. Score 7-3 Colts. On the ensuing kickoff, Johnson fumbled the kickoff and one of my lineman marched in for a touchdown. Score 14-3 Colts. It only got worse for the Jets, beginning with Boomer. Over the next three Jets drives, Boomer managed to throw three interceptions to the mediocre Indianapolis backfield resulting in three more scores. At the end of the third quarter the score was 31-3. Kevin was irate, I was ecstatic. I had a VERY comfortable lead going into the fourth quarter. But that was not all, fellow Tecmo fans. The Jets got the ball again and on a routine second down pass, Emtman came alive. He charged through the defenseless Jets offensive line and sprinted towards Boomer. Boomer tried to run out of bounds but Emtman was just too fast. He hit Boomer with such force that the ball was jarred from his hands. Who was there to recover the fumble? Who else but Sam Clancy who proceeded to return that fumble for another touchdown. Score 38-3. At this point, Kevin was no longer angry as he realized that it was not his fault he was losing for he could not control what was happening to him. There was divine intervention throughout this game... the Tecmo Gods were on my side this time. Bruce, showing no mercy, kicked another field goal just to rub it in. Final Score 41-3 Colts. God I love Tecmo!