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The Jack Files - Tecmo 3: Wide Receiver Tandems

Ranked by 40% Maximum Speed + Receptions. Tight Ends are included.

Listed here are the best quarterbacks for each of the 30 teams. Here in the Jack Files, we don't play that silly "add up all the numbers" game. We weight each attribute as we do see fit. Open to criticism, here is the formula employed:

1SFRice5081101 Taylor565678179
2DENMiller566991 Sharpe386984176
3CLERison567597 Alexander445674171
4MIAFryar506989 Green446381170
5MINCarter317587 Reed446381168
6NOHaynes636388 Early386378166
7NECoates506989 Brisby505676165
8WASEllard446987 Redskins565678165
9OAKBrown566991 Jett694472163
10CHITimpson636388 Graham445674162
11SEABlades446987 Proehl256373160
12DALIrvin387590 Novacek315668159
13PHIBarnett446987 Williams385671158
14TBHarper565678 Harris386378157
15CINPickens506383 Scott445674157
16DETMoore506989 Perriman445068157
17INDAnderson565678 Dawkins505676154
18BUFReed566991 Copeland444462153
19JACGivins566385 Howard564466152
20GBPackers446381 Brooks505070151
21HOUSlaughter446381 Jeffires315668149
22ATLMathis446381 Emanuel445068148
23CARCarrier445674 Beebe634469143
24SDMartin445674 Seay385065139
25STLKinchen505070 Hester315668138
26KCDavis505676 Dawson444462138
27ARIMoore446381 Edwards314456137
28NYGSherrard505676 Calloway384459135
29PITJohnson445674 Mills384459133
30NYJMitchell505070 Yarborough384459129


Looky here, the Jets are dead last. Pittsburgh and KC have crappy passing attacks to complement their excellent defenses. Cleveland has great receivers, too bad their quarterback sucks

No surprise at the top: Rice and anybody makes a good pair of receivers.

The Saints, Redskins, and Bears might surprise you here.

In certain cases, speed is more important than we give it credit for.

Our league permits using running backs as receivers. So certain running backs, like Edgar Bennett and Larry Centers, might have a large impact on the team rating if included.

If the The Weak Link Theory is applied, then the Jets have major problems. This theory suggests that a passing attack is only as good as the worst of its quarterback or receivers. If the theory is true, then Boomer Esiason's seemingly good numbers do not lead to good passing.

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