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The Jack Files - Tecmo 3: Team Defense

Here are the 30 NFL teams ranked by the combined abilities of the best three defensive players. The players are each rated by the sum of their Maximum Speed + (2/3) Hitting Power. In Tecmo III, you need hitting power on defense, because otherwise there are a lot of running backs that will run over you. And of course, if you can't get to the ball carrier, you can't tackle him. We don't completely discount the other player attribute ratings, but the above formula highlights almost all you need to know about a defender. There are certain limitations of this approach, namely: (1) The other eight players aren't taken into consideration. (2) Defensive backs without hitting power aren't recognized. Nevertheless, we think we've created a useful evalution of which defenses are better than others. The file might be revised later to include more defensive backs, but for the time being a simple assumption is that every team has at least one fast DB with a decent interceptions rating whom you can control when you know a pass is coming. (note: If multiple players tie for the third spot, only one is randomly listed.) The Steelers are really good. The Jets are really bad.

  Team Player 1 Score   Player 2 Score   Player 3 Score Total
1 PITWoodson112.3 Greene109.0 Lloyd105.0326.3
2 GBWhite119.0 Butler102.0 Jones100.3321.3
3 KCSmith 113.0 Chiefs111.0 Lott96.0320.0
4 BUFBills109.0 Bennett106.3 Paup98.0313.3
5 DENAtwater109.0 Fletche105.0 Jones 92.0306.0
6 SDSeau113.0 O'Neal 98.0 Mims93.3304.3
7 ARIJoyner111.0 Simmons 98.0 Swann90.0299.0
8 ATLDoleman109.0 Talley 96.0 Smith93.3298.3
9 OAKSmith 106.3 Swillin100.3 Anderso87.3294.0
10 MIACox100.3 Armstro 98.0 Oliver92.0290.3
11 WASHarvey109.0 Washing 90.0 Palmer87.3286.3
12 NEBrown 102.0 Guyton 93.3 Slade89.3284.7
13 SFNorton 98.0 McDonal 96.0 Hanks89.3283.3
14 DALHaley100.3 Tolbert 93.3 Edwards89.3283.0
15 TBNickers102.0 Everett 93.3 Brooks87.3282.7
16 HOURoberts100.3 Smith 98.0 Childre80.0278.3
17 NOMartin105.0 Turnbul 93.3 Hughes79.7278.0
18 CARMcDowell 98.0 Conner 92.0 Lathon87.3277.3
19 DETBlades100.3 Thomas 90.0 Spielma86.0276.3
20 MINThomas 98.0 Randle 92.0 Alexand86.0276.0
21 CINFrancis 93.3 Smith 93.3 Collins89.3276.0
22 PHIFuller100.3 Eagles 89.3 Harmon86.0275.7
23 SEAKennedy100.0 Wooden 87.3 Robinso87.3274.7
24 NYGBrooks102.0 Croel 89.3 Glenn83.3274.7
25 INDBennett 93.3 Emtman 92.0 Coryatt87.3272.7
26 CLEBurnett 93.3 Johnson 90.0 Pleasan87.3270.7
27 STLYoung 98.0 DE Rams 87.3 Gilbert84.0269.3
28 JACLageman 96.0 Carring 89.3 William83.3268.7
29 CHICarrier 93.3 Smith 83.3 Bears81.3258.0
30 NYJLewis 92.0 Scott 81.3 Douglas81.3254.7

This just goes to show that the best defenses have several players with speed and strength. It is no surprise to us that this list stacked up this way. Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Kansas City, Buffalo, and Denver make the top five. Cleveland, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Chicago, and the Jets are the worst five.

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