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Welcome fellow Tecmoers & Spectators to the site that is dedicated to a most marvelous game, Tecmo Super Bowl, more specifically the Virginia Tech Tecmo Football League.

During its heyday from 1995-1997, this league flourished with Tecmo. Our league had grown to massive proportions, including playing Tecmo 1, Tecmo 2, and Tecmo 3 seasons simultaneously.

We never met bigger Tecmo fans than ourselves. As far as we were concerned, Tecmo was once as vital to our survival as food, water, or shelter. It is now the 21st century and 4 of the 5 league members have finished school and gone their separate ways. Today, our league spreads its wings across three states along the east coast. Everyone has to move on eventually, but this site will forever be a memorial, a shrine, a holy Tecmo temple if you will, commemorating of all the fun-filled hours of Tecmo we have played.

Periodically, you will find some new content on this site. Yes, there is a lot of old stuff here...but there's also some new stuff. We still get together and play seasons, just not as often as we used to due to the distances we must travel. There was a 2 year layoff from 1997-1999 where we didn't play much Tecmo, but you can expect to see much more now as the league has been re-instated.

From all of us at the VTTFL, Welcome! Please look around and enjoy your stay here.